Collage on Canvas

My manuscript paintings are a continuum, a series of elements passing into each other - old and new forever joined.  I feel that the world moves ahead by the merging of ancient ideas that are combined with our lives of today, thus creating a new reality. 

 It is my hope that the viewer will first see a pleasing design reminiscent of an ancient tile - upon closer scrutiny will discover the merging of familiar script - the combining of languages - which to me represents the unity and the harmony that can be possible on our tiny earth.

Asian Fusion       24" x 24"       $1500

Confluence       24" x 24"       $1500

  Souled              18" x 18"        $1200

Blue on Blue       12" x 12"           $400

  Fuji Penny       12" x 12"        $400

Small World   24" x 24"   $1500

Circle in the Square  24" x 24" $1500

Big Blue 24" x 24" $1500

Diamond in the Square 12" x 12" $400